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Mind cooler or energy drink?

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The time has come to differentiate the Slow Cow ‘’Mind Cooler’’ from energy drinks. Indeed, the Mind Cooler’s properties are way different from the energy drinks. On top of containing natural ingredients that are healthy for body and soul, the Mind Cooler gently acts on temporarily promote a state of relaxation

The various effects of the Mind Cooler and the energy drink

Think again! Mind Cooler doesn’t mean beverage causing drowsiness! First, note that the effects of the energy drink are nuanced from those of the relaxation drink. The main objective of the energy drink being to give a peak of energy to the consumer, the Mind Cooler,, for its part, inspire a stress-free lifestyle with a focus on well-being. The ingredients and stimulants factors contained in the energy drink create an artificial feeling of energy that only lasts for a short period of time. At the opposite, the Mind Cooler is naturally infused with plant extract known for their calming and beneficial effects for concentration. One of these is L-theanine which acts, in particular, on dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

The smart choice of Mind cooler!

Don’t overlook the effects of energy drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine. On top of affecting the quality of sleep, it can have negative impact on your capacity of focusing and on your mood. The Mind Cooler can be a cool, healthy, and smart alternative to energy drinks. Developed to inspire a stress-free lifestyle with a focus on well-being and natural calmness, it adapts to your lifestyle, supports you in managing your busy days, but can also be your partner in your moments of relaxation before bedtime for a well-deserved restful sleep.

It’s time to try it, don’t hesitate to consult our team or visit if you have any questions!